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Semen Available

EA Three Rivers 0158      Reg. AAA *19853299

CED+9 WW+71 YW+131 SC+1.50 HP+22.4

CLAW+.32 ANGLE+.37 MARB+.99 $M+94 $C+289 $EN-21

Sire: EA Three Rivers 8062      Dam: EA Emblynette 7167

Calving Ease With Extreme Growth, Great Marbling & Great Maternal Traits.

Semen Available

EA Profound 2022     Reg. AAA *20373983

CED+9 WW+72 YW+122 SC+.66 HP+14.2 CLAW+.16

ANGLE+.14 MARB+.59 $M+97 $C+228 $EN-6

Sire:  Ellingson Profound 8155   Dam:  EA Bell Girls 7659

Coming from the EA Bells Girl family which excels in maternal excellence & has made bulls like the $80,000 EA Brickhouse & The $110,000 Ellingson Preeminent the sale topper this year at Ellingsons.  Which is out of the same sire & dams are full blood siblings.

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